Emergency Rooter Reviews - Our Customers Love Our Company & Plumbers

Juan Hernandez

Orange, CA

I called this place, which had a nasty clog on the toilet, they told me that they were gonna be there in 15 minutes, and so 13~ minutes went by and a plumber named Edward P. o Edwin P. I don't remember that much, but did a remarkable job, finished his job quicker than I expected, respected my property, was hard-working and disciplined (from my point of view), and best of all it was very affordable, I recommend everyone to call here, IDK why there are bad reviews on this plumbing company, I'm very satisfied, deserves a 5 Star.

Alessia Koepp

Riverside, CA

Just as promised they were there when I needed them most. Had a sump pump issue and  I called this company to send a guy out to my house within an hour. Price as quoted on the phone. Super professional, courteous, and clean (the last one is kind of important). I strongly recommend Emergency Rooter anyone in the area looking to hire a local plumber.

Ebby Davood

San Diego, CA

God bless Emergency Rooter No joke I had 10 different plumbers come to my house and kept saying the same thing!!  I needed a new cartridge and they were all wrong!  Jose came by and diagnosed the problem by calling the manufacturer and realizing the original plumber installed it incorrectly and let me know how to go about getting it fixed!  Carlos and Andres came and fixed the problem fast and cleaned up afterward!  These guys are the best in the business and they even cleaned up afterwards!  Love you guys

Abby Marlyn

Granada Hills, CA

Recently had a leakage in my water heater when I walked into my garage. That is always scary any leaking yikes! I had to google a plumbing company as I had no knowledge Emergency Rooter is what popped up in my search. I was hesitant to call but I really had no choice. The guys came fast and let me know I needed my water heater replaced in my Granada Hills home.  Christian and Carlos came to do the job super quick, very respectful and knowledgeable guys. Everything was done efficiently and professionally. I hope not to have any issues in the future as I have a new water heater but would use them again for any plumbing issues. Adding this company to my contacts list.

Rachel Duncan

Bloomington, CA

I am a property manager of 6 buildings in LA and Emergency Rooter replaced one of my water heaters. They were on top of things and gave a reasonable price. Took the time to explain the process so I could inform my residents. Super professional, super courteous. I appreciated all the work they did. So of course they were the first ones I called when another water heater went out in one of my other buildings. They are quick to respond and extremely informative. I highly recommend it!

Maleaha Biffy

Arcadia, CA

I had a bad experience with another company, so I called Emergency Rooter for a second opinion,. They were very detailed over the phone and in person. Noel came out to check my heater and gave me my options. He also showed me the problem so that I can understand what he was explaining to me. Very professional and detailed. They care about their customers, and not just interested in getting over on people, they give you all available options, so they saved me from spending a lot of money which wasn’t necessary because they fixed the problem in a very timely manner. I will be using them in the future

Timothy Warner

Alhambra, CA

They gave me a cost to move a water heater which I agreed to. The price was about what I expected. A little higher than I wanted to pay, but they did come and do the work right away, so maybe that was the trade-off. The work was completed well. The hot water heater was installed properly and up to code. We had an inspector look at it and he signed off on the work. My only complaint was they came in the morning and did some work, then left and came back 3 hours later to finish up, leaving us without water. . . I know contractors do this sometimes to maximize their time, but it is a little annoying. . anyway I would call them again in the future and give them first dibs on the job. . whatever job it might be. I hope I never have to call another plumber or contractor, but things go south sometimes don't they?

Shayan Shahabi

Brea, CA

Great service and excellent customer service. We had a main line burst at 8 pm. We called Emergency Rooter and they were at the site within 30 minutes! They stopped the leak right away and the next day replaced the pipes for us. They went above and beyond to get our water restored. They are true professionals and highly recommended.


David Bluestone

Aliso Viejo, CA

Arrived quickly after I called Replaced water heater and furnace and pumped out 4 inches of water from the cellar Replaced leaking sewer line Cleaned up nicely when finished Dispatcher, Monique Contreras, particularly helpful in coordinating the different crews necessary to complete the job in a timely fashion and for providing me with the necessary invoices to submit to my insurance company

Jordan Haro

San Bernardino, CA

I'm grateful to Abel and his team at Emergency Rooter. They helped us with repairing multiple unseen plumbing issues we experienced upon moving to our home, that our inspector had missed. While it is never fun to be surprised with such unfortunate findings, we are glad to have hired the Emergency Rooter to do the job.

Tara Wake

Anaheim, CA

We needed to replace two original toilets from a 1975 condo.  Able from Emergency Rooter team arrived the same day and made his recommendations.  Two days later, he arrived with the pressure assisted flush toilets and had them installed within an hour!  Couldn’t be happier with them and with Emergency Rooter.

Booker Harrap

Los Angeles, CA

The plumber who showed up was Oscar. This guy was great. Super kind and professional, but that’s not all. I have old plumbing from the 50’s. I tried to change the shower knobs myself but something wasn’t working right, I couldn’t close the water flow. The knobs just kept turning. Oscar is a young guy who had never worked with this type of knob before, and at first was unsure what to do. I had been trying to figure it out for the better part of a day, but this dudes research skills were just that good. He got it figured out. He totally could have told me that we need to redo the whole piping in there, because I thought I had damaged it by banging it with a hammer when trying to get the old ones out. But he persisted and made maximum effort to figure it out, and he did. Saving me hundreds of dollars. Couldn’t have been happier with the service, and the person. He was just a cool guy, very chill, calming, and effective. A+