Faucet Replacement
Faucet Replacement
Faucet Replacement

Faucet Replacement

While a faucet may seem like a simple fixture, it is essential. From washing hands to doing dishes, there are a number of tasks that require a functional faucet. However, faucets are not immune to wear and tear, and over time, issues may arise that necessitate a replacement. We’ll share some signs of trouble later in this article, but if you know you need a new faucet, then call Emergency Rooter to hire a uniformed and trained plumber. We are proud to offer emergency faucet replacement and repair services. Call now to speak with a member of our team.

Signs It’s Time for a Faucet Replacement

  1. Persistent Leaks: A persistent leak is more than just an annoyance; it can lead to water wastage and increased utility bills. If tightening connections or replacing washers doesn't resolve the issue, it may be time for a new faucet.
  2. Corrosion and Rust: Visible signs of corrosion or rust on the faucet's exterior or interior components are indicative of deterioration. Not only does this impact the aesthetic appeal, but it can also compromise the faucet's functionality.
  3. Low Water Pressure: Decreased water pressure could be a sign of internal issues within the faucet, such as mineral buildup or a malfunctioning valve. If cleaning the aerator and valves doesn't improve the pressure, a replacement may be necessary.
  4. Frequent Repairs: If you find yourself repeatedly repairing the same faucet components, it's a clear sign that the fixture is reaching the end of its lifespan. Constant repairs can become costlier than investing in a new, reliable faucet.
  5. Outdated Design or Features: Aesthetic preferences change over time, and outdated faucet designs or features may prompt homeowners to consider an upgrade. Modern faucets often come with improved functionality and water-saving features.

You Have Options When Purchasing a New Faucet

From the handle type to the material and finish, there are many criteria in purchasing a new faucet. We’re here to give you a brief rundown on these options:

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Faucet Replacement
  • Single-Handle vs. Double-Handle Faucets: Single-handle faucets offer ease of use, while double-handle faucets provide separate controls for hot and cold water.
  • Material and Finish: Faucets come in a variety of materials and finishes, including chrome, stainless steel, and brushed nickel. Consider the durability, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal of different materials before making a decision.
  • Sprayer Options: If you're replacing a kitchen faucet, consider whether you want a pull-down, pull-out, or side spray nozzle. Each option has its advantages, so choose one that aligns with your kitchen needs and preferences.
  • Touchless Technology: For a modern and hands-free experience, explore faucets with touchless technology. These faucets use motion sensors to control water flow, providing convenience and promoting hygiene.
  • Water Conservation Features: Many new faucets come with water-saving features, such as aerators and low-flow options. These not only contribute to environmental conservation but can also lead to reduced water bills.

Consider Hiring a Professional Plumber

While DIY installation is an option for those with plumbing skills, hiring a trained plumber ensures that the installation is done correctly. An experienced plumber can address any unforeseen issues and provide peace of mind.

Residents in the area can call Emergency Rooter to hire a uniformed plumber today. Our team is on standby to take your call at any time of the day.

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